Work-To-Learn Enterprises

The Work-To-Learn program provides educational and vocational supportive services to help 16–21-year-olds from the Bridgeport area successfully transition into adulthood.

Work-To-Learn provides:

  • Educational opportunities
  • Job training
  • Employment
  • Financial literacy
  • Life skills
  • Personal and community connections
  • Physical and mental health
  • Housing

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Each participant of the Work-To-Learn program is assigned a Job Coach, who helps prepare the youth for the working world by providing career assessments, resumes, mock interviews, etc. Youth are also provided financial education, budget counseling, financial coaching and matched savings accounts.

By connecting them with resources in the community, youth establish social capital and long-term personal connections. The program offers opportunities for them to engage in civic advocacy, recreational activities, community events, public and private organizations, faith-based organizations, and businesses.